Lip Stains Best

One of the hottest makeup products to hit retail shelves in a long time is the long wearing lip stain. Just think about not having to retouch your lip color after breakfast or after lunch.

Looking good means your style is saying positive things about you and the way you look in the afternoon even if you started in the morning. Wearing a lip color that last, helps your style to stay as fresh as when you first applied it.

Lip stain is the next best thing to semi-permanent cosmetics, the kind of procedure that is designed to last for weeks or months. Lip stain may last one 24 hour period. Semi-permanent makeup is designed to last weeks or months.

Lip Stain Tips

  • Use a lip liner before and after the lip stain application
  • Don’t use a lip moisturizer during the day with a lip stain
  • Do apply another color or formula lip stick over a lip stain
  • Apply the lip stain the same way you would lipstick – center to corner for both upper and lower lips.
  • A brown eyebrow pencil makes a great lip liner

Lip color is the single most important enhancement a woman can make in her appearance. Eyebrow makeup is absolutely the second. If there were only two pieces of makeup that would be considered not jut hot, but mandatory, it would be lip stain and eyebrow pencil.

Select an eyebrow pencil that can also work well as a lip liner. That means you are carrying a lip stain and eyebrow pencil that can work as a liner. Doesn’t get more simple than that and the natural look is still the number one requested look.

The “natural” look is also the “nude” look which is very hot right now. Isn’t it good to know that you can accomplish two of the hottest trends today with only two items of makeup?

If you use the eyebrow pencil to line your eyes, you have enhanced the natural look.