Tinted Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Tinted moisturizers are great when just a little coverage is enough. Tinted moisturizers are often used by women as the light foundation that’s great for the weekend, quick trip to the market or little league. Tinted moisturizers are made only for the lightest coverage and generally come in skin formulas that cater to women with dry skin, normal or oily….

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Metal Crush Eyeshadow

Metal crush, or rather heavy metal eyeshadow is heavy competition for the smoky eye. And the winner is…the woman who can wear them both in the same weekend. Heavy metal eyeshadow shades are gold, silver, pewter and bronze. Just the barest amount is plenty. Try wearing the gold on the lid and the silver on the brow bone just under…

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Smokey Eye for Brown Eyes

Smoky or Smokey Eye must be the most popular evening look of all time. Most women who say they want a Smoky Eye are not ready for that much glamor. Now the Smoky Eye is available in Smoky Eye Sticks with the dark eye shadow color and a light highlighter. Smoky Eye Sticks or Smoky Eye Shadows come in a…

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Mascara Tips and Tricks

A mascara that actually grows your own natural eyelashes is undeniably a hot trend. If you use a lash growing mascara long enough you may not need mascara at all. You may become one of those people who must curl or trim your eyelashes to keep them from touching your glasses. With longer eyelashes women will have more time to…

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gel eyeliner

Gel Eyeliner Tutorial

Gel eyeliner is the look of a liquid with the control of a gel. Take your time applying the finest or heaviest line, the gel doesn’t dry as fast as the liquid. There are plenty of colors available in the gel formula. Imagine the possibilities, the traditional smoky eye look requires a heavy upper and lower eyelid line. Good eyeliner…

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Best Cream Blush Stick

Cream blush is mandatory if you want to keep that natural make up look out by the pool or at that Caribbean beach resort. No matter how many times you go into the water, your cream blush will never wash off. Apply cream blush with your fingertips or with cosmetic sponges. Cream blush can also be worn in place of…

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Lip Stains Best

One of the hottest makeup products to hit retail shelves in a long time is the long wearing lip stain. Just think about not having to retouch your lip color after breakfast or after lunch. Looking good means your style is saying positive things about you and the way you look in the afternoon even if you started in the…

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Best Bronzer Application Tips

Since the truth about the damaging affects of the sun on your face is now widely known, bronzers have become a significant in the beauty arsenal. A good bronzer can work to provide overall warmth, eyeshadow or just blush. Bronzers come in all shades. Some are more pink toned for fair skin ladies and other bronzer shades are for skin…

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Cream Eyeshadow Palette

This is the time of year when the cosmetic companies push the sale of summer makeup color, styles and techniques. One of the hottest products to make the summer line-up is cream eyeshadow. One of the hottest things about cream eyeshadow is that it’s water proof. Which really comes in handy when you are sweating profusely from the parking lot…

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big eye makeup

Eyeliner Styles for Small Eyes

Eyeliner makes a powerful statement. It’s application can say I am a diva or it can say I have traditional values. “Cat Eyes” is a very bold eyeliner application that can be worn by almost any woman. Would you want to wear “Cat Eyes” to the PTA, to work or out to lunch with the girls. Depending on how your…

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